Online Roulette is an interesting casino game that can be played among many or one player. The result of one player does not influence the result of other players. The game rule is based on betting on a number on the roulette wheel. The type of bet that you choose determines the amount you win per round. Learn more about playing online casino games at

Online roulette betting strategies

There are different betting strategies that you can use to win at online roulette. Since the game has two different bet types, you should get acquainted with these bet types to know how the odds improve with different bet types. Online roulette has the inside and the outside bet. When using a betting strategy, it is important to use the outside bet/.

  1. Some of teh outside bets include
  2. Even/odd bet
  3. Dozen bet
  4. Red/black bet

When you use the outside bet, you will only be playing against a small odds of losing. Many of the outside bet has odds that are close to 50%. These types of bets have a one-directional outcome. Also, if you are just getting started with online Roulette, the outside bet is what you should start with since the side bet will require more advance calculation


Betting strategies for online Roulette

There are different betting strategies that you will come across when you are playing online casino games. One of these betting strategies is Martingale betting strategies. The way this works is by doubling your bet for every round that you lose. When you place the bet and you lose, you double your bet, until you finally hit a win in one of the rounds

Another betting strategy that you will come across is the Fibonacci betting strategy. This is a lot like the martingale, however, this strategy is based on a naturally occurring mathematical sequence. The idea is to multiply your bet by the next number you have on the sequence every time you lose a round until you hit a win. When this occurs, you revert back to the initial bet

D'Alembert betting strategies

The first two betting strategies that have been discussed focuses majorly on using high bankroll to recover your loses. D'Alembert betting system is more for players that are not going for a high amount. The idea os to choose a unit value from the beginning of the game. When you lose a round, you should add that unit to your next bet

This should be repeated for every loses and when you hit a win, you will remove the same unit from your next bet. The idea is that if you have an equal number of wins and loses after youar edonw playing, you will make an overall profit. This system might not pay as high as the other two but works for small bankroll

Variants of Online Roulette

There are different variants of online roulette. The most popular types are three. One of them is American roulette. This has a unique table design compared to other roulette variants. You will find two sections on the table. The first section holds the roulette wheel which has 35 numbers with alternating black and red colour. Also, the wheel has additional green zero and double zero pockets

  • Other variants include
  • European Roulette
  • French Roulette

The second aspect has the bet option which shows the inside and outside bet. Another variant is European Roulette. This has better odds than American Roulette. The European Roulette does not have the extra double zero pocket. French Roulette is similar to European roulette. However, the table descriptions are set in French language and it hs a unique rule that pays sets the zero pocket to tie

Types of outside bets, Choosing tables and Final thoughts

There are different types of outside bet. One of them is even and odds bet. As the name applies, you bet on either an even number or an odd number. The extra zero pockets on the wheel reduce the odds and this is the reason this beyt does not have 0.5 odds. Another bet type is red/black bet, this also has just two options like the previous bet.

When you want to use these betting strategies, it is important to look for a table that offers the lowest minimum bet. This will allow you to start from the smallest bet possible. Also, you should make sure that the table offers the highest maximum bet since the strategy can get high very quickly. To get started with playing online roulette, register at an online casino today.