The concept of an online casino is new to most players graduating from the brick and mortar versions. Welcome bonuses are part and parcel of any casino offered to players to attract them to their games such as at . Learn about the bonuses below.


What is a Welcome Bonus?

Welcome bonuses are similar to other casino bonuses offered to their players. You need to fully understand them in case you want to rip the most benefits. So, what is a welcome bonus? You can think of it a way form of 'hello' from the casino.

It is the first salutation that the casino offers you to begin your gaming journey with the casino. Modern online gambling have made these bonuses part mandatory for its players. Casino operators use these bonuses to set themselves apart from their online competitors.

Why is a Welcome Bonus Good?

First off, a welcome bonus is the casino's way of saying their notice your presence and appreciate you. It gives off a feeling of being wanted at the place. The main essence of the welcome bonuses is to get you accustomed to the gaming play offered.

Can You Win?

Yes. You can win real money when you capitalize on the welcome bonuses available at the casino. The welcome bonuses increases the odds of winning by the player at the casino while backing their style when making high odds while at the online casino.

Types of Welcome Bonuses

There are various types of welcome bonuses which you can find while at the online casino when placing your wagers. The various casino bonus types come with a specific game play while adding to the terms and conditions that apply for the player.

Cashable Welcome Bonuses

The cashable bonuses are offered to players as part of free cash while at the casino. This includes the casino depositing free cash to the account of the player. The matched deposit is the most common type of welcome bonus a player can get.

Non-Cashable Welcome Bonuses

Most people are refer to the cashable bonuses as sticky bonuses. This is because you will only become eligible to spend it playing the variety of casino games. However, you will not be eligible to win and keep the money while at the casino.

A common part of these non-cashable bonuses is that it comes attached with terms and conditions subscribed by the online casino. It is recommended to read through the casino's wagering requirements subscribed by the casino before trying the casino games available to players.

How to Claim Welcome Bonuses

One of the most important part of claiming the welcome bonuses is carrying out extensive research relating to the specific casino. Once you are done with the step, you can proceed to signing up at the casino and making your deposit to wager with.

Use of Bonus Codes

It is important to check how the casinos handles its promotions with players. Most online casino employ the use of bonus codes or a player can claim the bonuses automatically. The bonus code system should be displayable in a visible place or redeemable.